June 11, 2019

Vacation Bible School-St. John's Evangelical

5:45PM 8:00PM

211 E. Carrol St., Kenton. Join us for VBS, music, missions, crafts, snack, preschool (potty trained) through grade 5. This year's theme is In The Wild and your child will gas up the all-terrain vehicle and head out on a wilderness adventure like no other. As they get up close and personal with the elephants, polar bears and penquins they will focus on some real-life encounters with Jesus!!! If you plan to attend or volunteer, please Pre-Register online by June 3 at https://kideventpro.lifeway.com/mychurch/?id=51763. Reservations are very helpful for preparation purposes. Hope to see you all there!! For more information call 419-673-7278 or email stjohnskenton@gmail.com