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Robinson Fin Machines, Inc.

Robinson Fin Machines, Inc.

Since 1983, Robinson Fin Machines has been successfully meeting the growing demand for quality folded fin products for the aerospace, automotive, audio equipment electronics and medical equipment industries.  
Located in Kenton, Ohio, the company manufactures “fin” - folded metal parts capable of transferring heat to or from gases or liquids that pass through its folds. The company’s fin is on the cutting edge in heat-transfer technology with diverse and impressive applications, including the International Space Station, fighter jets, Pizza Hut ovens, NASCAR race cars, Dell computers, Sea Wolf nuclear class submarines and BMW car seats just to name a few. 
These various industries, throughout the world, have come to depend on Robinson Fin Machines’ quality folded fin conforming to ISO-9001, short lead times and competitive pricing.
Strategically located in a modern 40,000 sq. ft. facility, in an easily accessed industrial area in Northwest Ohio, Robinson Fin Machines has the technical experience and personnel/equipment resources to meet a variety of folded fin product needs, including prototype quantities developed with minimal lead time and nominal cost.
A three-generation company, Robinson Fin operates with family-oriented work ethics and values that started with Fred and Ruth Haushalter.  
Fred Haushalter was a mechanical engineer who became close friends and collaborator with James Robinson, who invented the fin machine.  Fred helped James to improve the machine’s design and when Robinson passed away in 1983, his widow sold the business and patent to Fred and Ruth.  At that time, they changed the core business from selling fin machines to manufacturing and selling the fin itself. Fred passed away in 1993, and his wife, Ruth Haushalter assumed control of the company.
Even though Ruth had always served as the company president, she had to guide Robinson Fin through a transition that could have been devastating to the business and its employees. Ruth didn’t back down, even though there were few women-owned manufacturing companies at the time.  Ruth’s skills and determination produced a thriving business to share with her children.  Ruth recently passed away in 2015, but the strong entrepreneurial spirit of Fred and Ruth continue on with the leadership and success of their children, Sheryl (Haushalter) Sopher, David Haushalter and Mark Haushalter and grandchildren. 
For more information about the company and its products, please visit   

David Haushalter - Vice President Sales & Marketing
and Sheryl (Haushalter) Sopher - President

Mark Haushalter - Vice President Manufacturing & Engineering