Workforce Development

We partner with several organizations to focus on workforce development based on our local needs.

Hardin County Career Task Force

Formed as a partnership between businesses, employers, workforce development professionals and educators in Hardin County, the Career Task Force collaborates to create awareness of in-demand occupations in our area, and to create an understanding of in-demand knowledge and skills.

Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation

The Office of Workforce Transformation's mission is to connect Ohio's business, training and education communities to build a dynamically skilled, productive and purposeful workforce.  Learn more.


JobsOhio is a great resource for information on Ohio's workforce.  Learn more.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Office of Workforce Development

The Office of Workforce Development offers resources for individuals seeking employment, for employers looking for talent and for workforce professionals.  Learn more.


Local Civilian Labor  Force


  Civilian Labor Force Employed Unemployed Unemployment Rate
2018 14,000 13,400 600 4.4%
2017 14,300 13,600 600 4.9%
2016 14,400 13,700 700 5.0%
2015 14,500 13,800 700 4.8%
2014 15,100 14,200 900 5.7%