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Hardin County Chamber & Business Alliance Releases Mid-Year Report

The Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance presented it's first 2015 mid year report.

The Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance presented it's first 2015 mid year report.

Alliance President and CEO Jon Cross said the report was presented by conference call for Alliance members and investors, "Where we had a great opportunity to talk about a lot of positive economic development activity in northwest Ohio and also what's happening in Hardin County with regards to development from industrial development to restaurant to retail. There's a lot of exciting things happening, and we're working to try to get some of those to come to fruition."

He said positive positive things happening within the Alliance were discussed, "We're seeing a tremendous growth of membership, welcoming over 50 new members this year. We're providing a lot of great member services, programs and events, and we're looking at trying to get more people engaged in the community through networking, lunch and learn programs, talking about SBA loans, business after hours, getting our community business leaders to have a chance to connect, so a lot of good things taking place."

He also said industrial growth in Hardin County was also talked about, "International Paper's expansion of the 125 new jobs was one of the top six major companies making an announcement in the northwest Ohio market. The top 5 had anywhere from 150 to 200 new jobs, and this 125 job creation for Hardin County is a major capital investment by the company, but also a major economic boost."

And he adds that's not all of the positive things happening in industry in Hardin County, "Sekisui Plastics USA is hiring for new employees, and that will be a potential of up to 50 new jobs for this market, so there's a lot of great employment activity taking place with all of our businesses, and we're excited the economic development activity in Hardin County."