Board Officers & Executive Committee


Andy McBride, Board Chairman
Dustin McCullough, Co-Chair
Wendy Rodenberger, Vice-Chair/Treasurer
Brian Sprang, Past Chair
Roger Crowe, Hardin County Commissioner
Jon Cross, President & CEO

Board of Directors

(Board Terms are started/completed at the Annual Meeting in Feburary)

*Board Director(s) Filling Existing Terms

Jay Bostelman
Precision Strip
(Term 1/3  2015-2018)*

Matt Brown

Ada Ohio Properties
(Term 1/3  2015-2018)

Jeff Knedler

Hempy Water Conditioning
(Term 1/3  2015-2018)

Stephanie Jolliff

Ridgemont Schools
(Term 1/3  2017-2020)

Andy McBride

McBride Financials
(Term 2/2  2016-2019)

Dustin McCullough
McCullough Industries
(Term 2/2  2016-2019)

Brandt Miller

Liberty National Bank
(Term 1/2  2014-2017)*

David Mulligan

Graphic Packaging International
(Term 2/2  2016-2019)*

Wendy Rodenberger

Hardin Memorial Hospital
(Term 1/3  2015-2018)

Derek Snider

Ag Credit
(Term 1/3  2015-2018)

Brian Sprang

Quest Federal Credit Union
(Term 1/3  2015-2018)

Stephanie Temple
Tons of Fun Travel
(Term 1/3  2018-2021)

Luke Underwood
Underwood Stock Farms
(Term 1/3  2018-2021)

Sean Root
Thomas & Marker Construction
(Term 1/3  2018-2021)

Matthew Lambdin
Ohio Northern University
(Term 1/3  2018-2021)

Roger Crowe

Hardin County Commissioner

Jon Cross

Hardin County Chamber & Business Alliance